Career in Banking, Finance & Accountancy

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Career in Banking, Finance & Accountancy

Before you make the decision to get into banking, finance & accountancy you should firstly discover what it’s really all about.

Many organisations and individuals need help managing their finances and this is where accountants and financial managers come in. They help their clients to monitor their finances, plan for the future and, most importantly, comply with various legal regulations.

Money, money, money! It’s true: banking, finance and accountancy careers are all about money.

Key functional areas in Banking / Finance / Accountancy domain



1- Accountancy

2-Financial Planning & Risk Management

3-Financial Services : General Management & Operations


5-Investment Banking

6-Investment Management,Asset Management & Hedge Funds


8-Private Banking/Wealth Management

9-Public Finance

10-Retail Banking & Building societies

11- Tax

Jobs in Banking / Finance / Accountancy domain



Accountant Technician/Actuary/Bank Manager/Banker/Certified Actuarial Analyst ( CAA)/ Chartered Certified Accountant/Chartered Loss Adjuster/Chartered Management Accountant/Chartered Public Finance Accountant/Chartered Tax Advisor/Commodity Broker/Corporate Investment Banker/Corporate Treasurer/Credit Analyst/Economist/Financial Advisor/Financial Manager/Financial Risk Analyst/Financial Trader/Insurance Account Manager/Insurance Broker/Insurance Claims Inspector/Insurance Risk Surveyor/Insurance under writer/Investment Analyst/Investment Fund Manager/Operational Investment Banker/Pension scheme Manager/Pension Advisor/Statistician/StockBroker/Tax Accountant/Tax Inspector/Tax Trainee

Banking means engaging in the business of keeping money for savings and checking accounts or for exchange or for issuing loans and credit etc.Bank play an important role of intermediary mostly of cash handling between business to business B2B, business to client B2C, or any other sources. It also deposit and to lend on interest.

Financing  has a vast domain, it has applications in commercial and investment banking, real estate, acturial science, insurance. The discipline broadly comprises the fields like economics, Mathematics, Accounting, Statistics, Business. Specializing finance would also involve specializing these subjects as well as having strong decision making, team leading capabilities.They would analyze the data prepared by accountants and are expected to make high level decision based on that. e.g if the company should give dividends, mergers decisions, derivative valuations etc.

Accounting involves data measuring, filling and maintenance of financial statements i.e income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, hence financial position of a firm can be assessed. People who specialize these activities are designated as accountants.

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