Career in Computer Science

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Career in Computer Science

  If Considering a career in computer science? Maybe you've already started your CS education at a reputable college or university but haven't decided on a specialization? Perhaps you're a recent CS graduate still looking to chart out a satisfying and lucrative professional course? No matter which stage along the professional path you find yourself, it's never too early, or too late, to learn more about your CS career options. If your future is in computer science, this guide is for you.

1. Software Application Developer Career

  • Designing or customizing computer applications software

  • Modifying existing software to optimize operational efficiency or correct errors

  • Evaluating software requirements and user needs to determine software feasibility

     Projected growth (2016–2026): 30% (much faster than average)     

2. Computer systems analyst Career

  • Analyzing data processing problems to improve computer systems

  • Developing and testing system design procedures

  • Enhancing system compatibility so information can be shared easily

      Projected growth (2016–2026): 9% (as fast as average)

3. Software systems developer Career

  • Designing, developing and testing software for a variety of industries

  • Altering existing software to correct errors or improve performance

  • Analyzing data to identify, recommend and plan new system installations or modifications

      Projected growth (2016–2026): 11% (faster than average)

4. Web developer Career

  • Writing, designing or editing web page content, or directing others producing content

  • Identifying and correcting problems uncovered by testing or user feedback

  • Backing up website files for immediate recovery in case of problems

      Projected growth (2016–2026): 13% (faster than average)

5. Network systems administrator Career

  • Installing and supporting an organization’s network system

  • Examining website functions to ensure performance without interruption

  • Performing data backups and disaster recovery operations

      Projected growth (2016–2026): 6% (as fast as average)

6. Database administrator Career

  • Testing and administering computer databases

  • Coordinating changes and correcting errors to computer databases

  • Applying security measures to safeguard information

      Projected growth (2016–2026): 11% (faster than average)


So what can you do with a computer science degree? It turns out—there’s a whole lot. With all of these computer science careers to choose from, you should feel more confident about your decision to follow this educational path.

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