How to Impress & Retain Great Talent

By: Admin  |  Last Updated: 03 Jul, 2018

How to Impress & Retain Great Talent

After you put in the time, effort and investment to hire the best employees possible, you need to retain that talent.Here are the top ten ways to move your company to the top of your candidate’s consideration list.

1.Career Growth

This will allow your employees to have a better long-term vision of their evolving role inside the company.If employees have gaps in their skills or experiences, a career development plan lets the employee realize that the company wants to close that gap and prepare the employee for the next step. Thus, employees don’t feel “stuck” and without growth potential in the company

2.Professional Development

An organization that looks to train and develop the skills of their employees will always influence new employees to join as well as the current employees to remain with the organization. Management should encourage employees to explore new ideas and share them with the team, then build off of what works and what doesn’t.

3.Develop a culture of trust and recognition

It’s been said many times that people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their managers. The simplest way to prevent that is to make them feel appreciated. Every employer should view their employees as their most valuable asset, and employees should know this.When employees know they have their managers’ trust, they’re motivated to work that much harder in order to not lose it.

4.Good working environment

A more relaxed working environment can attract top talent. A less stressful workplace can draw out greater performance from employees.Nearly all companies require growth to remain profitable. Growth requires change, and change requires ideas. Often, these ideas are generated by creativity. All successful companies employ creative people in some form or another, and these creatives keep the company moving ahead. But creative people don’t work well when confined to a box.

5.Have a good system for evaluating performance.

Both the company and the employee benefit from knowing exactly where they stand in relation to each other’s expectations. By monitoring and sharing results, it becomes clear which employees are meeting (or not meeting) performance expectations. In order to retain talent, you must make them feel appreciated, respected and worthwhile. They need to feel that their contributions to the business are important.  But the feedback and praise must be sincere.  You’ll be rewarded, not only with a strong employee retention rate, but also with loyal employees who contribute to your organization’s success – for the long-term.


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