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You can view the number of recruiters who have viewed your profile by logging-in to your IndiaJobsOnline account. Click on “Profile Performance” in the my Account section.
In order to maximize your job search, it is important that you keep your contact information updated at all times .Update your profile regularly & verify your ID. Fill all relevant information like Experience, Qualifications and all relevant Key skills or designation etc. When you create a profile on, it will suggest you complete the profile 100%.You can edit all detail in View Profile section.
Enter the email address associated with your account in the Job Seeker's Login Page and click "Forgot Password and your password will be mailed to your mailbox.
Recruiters can contact you by sending you a letter electronically at your mail ID by using the contact information you have provided on your resume.
As a registered member you can login at and apply to any job as per your requirement only just by hitting "Apply Now" button. If you are not yet registered then also you can apply through "Apply Now" button where you have to fill a simple form.
JobSeekers who apply for jobs on India Jobs Online may see a history of jobs they have applied to on our site. Go to the home page and click the link to "Log in. Enter your username and password in the blanks provided. Click on “Jobs Applied by You” in the my Account section.
Job Alert is a very simple email job notification system.If you would like to be notified by email whenever new jobs that match your criteria become available, you can create a job alert. We'll then send you email with any new matches to your search criteria.
Separate link “Post Resume” has been provided at the Home Page itself. Once you click this link, you would be required to enter the required information including some personal & academic details . At the end upload your resume and click the “Post now” button.
No, we do not charge anything for people hired through our site.
JobSeeker who has saved jobs and want to apply latter on may see the history of saved jobs in his dashboard.Go to the home page and click the link to "Log in. Enter your username and password in the blanks provided. Click on “Jobs Saved by You” in the my Account Section.
If Recruiter shortlist your Resume,he may send message to you.You could be able to read all messages and reply the same in Message section.
You can choose to block recruiters from certain companies from viewing your resume. You can select the companies to block by clicking on “Block companies” link in Profile Setting Section of My Account, after you login to