Tips and tricks to excel in a Group Discussion

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Tips and tricks to excel in a Group Discussion

Group Discussions is the test of knowledge and communication skills with coherent flow of thought necessary for a leadership role of a candidate on a topical issue. GD or Group Discussion round is one of the most important criteria in recruitment process for Freshers . In reality, it is not as tough as it seems. Follow these tricks to crack the group discussion round.


 First listen carefully the GD topic, If possible, gather your thoughts in a few seconds and start the Group discussion with positive impact.If you find that it is taking time to gather ideas, let others begin, and then enter the GD round by agreeing/disagreeing with previous speakers.If you are able to speak out the name of your previous speaker and then present your views, it will mark a good impact.

 2.Be Confident

When you speak you should speak to the point without any ambiguity of thought.Express your ideas at length. If you simply follow the other speaker or his ideas, remember your elimination is imminent.Wherever possible, emphasize your point with facts and figures.

 3.Be a Good Listner

Listen carefully to others will prevent you from repeating something already said.It will help you take the discussion forward, taking on from where another participant has left.Unless you listen well, it will not be possible for you to add value to your content and communication.

 4.Quality of Contents

More important than the amount of time you speak for, is the quality of what you have said and the impact that it has on the group. You do not have to dominate the GD by speaking for a long period of time. You have to influence a group by providing it direction, highlighting the crucial issues and putting forth persuasive arguments.

 5.Do not Giveup - Make multiple attempts

A good way to enter group discussion is to ask a question from other participants.Questions attract the attention of the group towards you, providing a vital chance to jump in the discussion and provide inputs.

 6.Improve the skill

In order to improve your skills, all you need to do is observe, practice and participate.To start off with, attend as many seminars and tutorials as possible and observe various aspects such as, how they make critical comments, ask questions, disagree with others, interrupt others, and so on.Group Discussion topics can be from a wide range of issues. It could be a topic on current events, business news, sports or anything very general. The wider your reading interests, the better prepared you will be to face the group discussion.You do not miss any opportunity to participate in discussions and contribute as much as possible with valid points and learn the skills of group discussions. Once you've already gone through the process of trial and error, at the time of an interview, you are better prepared to participate in a GD in front of an interview panel.  


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